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"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold all things have ​become new."

2 Corinthians 5:17

Zein's Green Smoothie Recipe

My husband finally got to learn how to make my, "Green Smoothie!"

Now you can learn how as well!

This drink is full of vitamins and nutrients that will help you get more veggies in per day and it tastes great!

Welcome To In Home/ Online Training

Welcome to Online Personal Training

Are you ready to invest in yourself? 

You're worth it! 

Fitness Begins In The Mind

Your health is the key to a life of longevity and peace. 

Our mindsets can make us or break us! 

Why Should You Hire Zein As Your Trainer? 

Watch This Blooper Video & Get To Know Zein, Her Family 

And Some Of Her Clientel

Getting Healthy Does Not Need To Be Boring! 

The Video Is Sure To Bring You A Laugh Or Two 

Zein Loves What She Does & Looks Forward To Hearing From You!




Per Month

Virtual training for clients to do either in their own home or at their favorite gym! 

Sessions target client's entire body in a one week period.

Consisting of cardiovascular and strength training exercises.

Initial consultation call and in app messaging included.  







Per Month

Virtual Online Personal Training for clients to do in the comfort of their own home, park or office. Workouts are specifically designed according to client's body type and needs.

This plan is perfect for clients who desire specific exercise programs, be it more conservative or more intense.


Clients who have prior injury, illness and disease or for the elderly.

This package allows Zein to tailor to each client individually.

Sessions target client's entire body in a one week period.

Consisting of cardiovascular and strength training exercises.

Initial consultation call and in app messaging included.

Once a month 20 minute progress call included. 





Per Month

Add this weekly nutrition program to any personal training package or purchase by itself.

Client has the option to send their entire week's eating habits for Zein to review and make suggestions that will help the client succeed more in their eating habits.

Meal Planning

Pantry Check 

Grocery Shopping Tips

Nutrition Basics 

 Package includes a once a month, 20 minute progress call.

In app messaging included.

Zein holds a certification in Sports Nutrition, but is not herself  a Nutritionist.

Zein is partnered with a Registered Dietician to help provide meal plans for her clientel.

Zein also provides guidance, tips and information for the client to succeed in their overall nutrition.





Per Month

Includes 2- $60 sessions per week Paid Monthly

Contact Zein for availability before posting payment. 

Sessions target client's entire body each week using specific exercises that fit the client's body type needs.

Sessions consist of cardiovascular and strength training exercises.

Sessions are 1 hour in duration.

Client receives specialized training tailored to meet the specific needs of their own body type.

Nutrition and Body Fat Assessment included.

Body Fat reassessed monthly.

Client has access to Zein Via text or phone.

Nutrition tips included. 



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He​alth Coaching

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Do You Believe You're Worth It?

The first step to changing your health and fitness lifestyle is to believe that you are worth the effort, time and dedication it will take. 

When we do not believe we are valuable, we do not take the steps necessary to make the changes needed. 

Perhaps you do not believe it and that is okay, because you just have to decide to believe. Sounds hard, but it's a daily choice by faith.

We must first make the decision in faith to believe we are worth it, even if we do not know what is ahead or how we will achieve the desired goal of weight loss, gained strength or changes to diet.

If you struggle in this area, remember that God designs  our minds to think healthy thoughts and to grow and change in His strength as well as He designs our bodies to move, to work and to grow and change in positive ways. We are designed to love and designed to be in constant contact with Him so that we have the motivation to work hard, play hard and rest when necessary. 

It really all begins with our beliefs.

Do you believe?

My beautiful clients all work extremely hard mentally, emotionally, physically and even spiritually to achieve their personal fitness goals.

Fitness begins with a mind set, whether you are a healthy individual looking to get fit or an individual who's experienced lifestyle changes due to illness or tragedy. 

The mind is where we find our success! 

I work with clients of all walks of life, from healthy to major illness.

Corrective exercise is a specialty of mine! 

I work with stroke victims, special populations clients ie: stroke victims, car wrecks, major illness etc.

It is my joy to watch clients of all kinds find their new life, especially clients whom have had major lifestyle changes due to tragedy. 

Their is nothing more wonderful than to see those clients be able to move more correctly and have easier lifestyles due to stronger muscles and cardiovascular systems.~

Essential Oils Classes

Free Essential Oils class designed to introduce you to the oils and educate you as to what they are and why they are so important and valuable for your every day life. I have used oils for years and can't imagine my life without them. 

Oils add to managing a healthy lifestyle and can change your life for the best.~

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Add Young Living's , "Aminowise" to your favorite green drink or smoothie for post work out muscle repair. 

Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living's Essential Oils and Products are among the purest products out there. 

I personally use them, sell them and promote them because they are a life changing product. 

I offer classes for you or your group to teach you what you'd need to know about essential oils and why they are important for everyone to use! 

Essential oils can enhance your life and add to your daily health routine by keeping you balanced physically, emotionally and even spiritually.

Click the "Learn More" link below to be taken to my Young Living Website and see all the products they have to offer. 

Contact me today for your Essential Oils Class.~ 

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Gift Certificates

Just in time for that Summer Body, Train With Zein now offers Gift Certificates! 

Choose from one session at a discounted rate of $45. 


3 sessions for $100 

Which is 3 sessions for the price of 2 and a savings of $50.

Perfect for Birthdays, Holidays and those, "Just Because You Love Someone," occasions. ~

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Juicing Classes 

Now offering Juicing and blending classes for you or your group! 

Juicing and blending are very different and require proper knowledge to attain the best nutrient results. 

I come to your home and teach you the,  "How To's" with your personal juicer and everyone goes home with a juice or smoothie of their own! 

Attendees will also take home a print out of everything taught in the class. 

Juicing detoxifies your body and helps get nutrients into the body much more efficiently.~

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My goal and commitment to my clients: To motivate and encourage them to reach their fitness goals safely and correctly, in a fun and energetic atmosphere. 

Healthy eating starts with adding the appropriate nutrients through raw vegetables. I am an avid juicer and recommend it to everyone who's wanting to begin a healthy lifestyle. I am a believer in the concept that you are what you eat. I try to start every day with a vegetable so that I crave that more than the junk.~

Blending and juicing is very different. I juice more often than I blend! I am not a believer in diets, I am a believer in lifestyle changes. Juicing has literally changed my life!  It helps my hair grow longer, my skin is clearer and my eyes even change colors! It truly is God's perfect food cleansing us from the inside and transforming the outside.~




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