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About Zein​

I am a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Trainer as well as Certified in Sports Nutrition.

My passion in life is to provide the tools needed to live a healthy lifestyle and to see clients from all walks of life watch as their bodies become what they've dreamed they could be, not just in physical appearance, but in how well their bodies can move and how their new strength literally changes every day life.

I believe strongly in taking care of the body God has blessed us with.

Proper nutrition and physical activity are essential to keeping ourselves free from injury and illness.

I work with my clients to best match and attain their desires with the right fitness goals; motivating through encouragement, and insights while teaching them the proper forms and techniques of exercise and nutrition.

Too often people view the negative side of what exercise requires while ignoring all the benefits of more energy, a leaner body, and a clearer mind.

Make today the day you begin building a healthier you.~

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