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~Listen To Your Body~ (Exercise)

October 21, 2017

Do you know how to listen to your body when it's talking to you? 

For some this comes as first nature, but for others it's not that simple. 

When our bodies talk, it's important to listen because it's speaking for a reason! 

We are designed to listen, but all too often we spend our time speaking and miss what is being said...

In the world of Health, Wellness and Fitness it's imperative to discern what your specific body needs. 

 As I said in my last blog, it begins in the mind, so we have to be able to hear what God is trying to tell us and that indeed can at times be tough. 

Let's be real here, life gets in the way! Distractions are a dime a dozen every minute of the day! 

In order to really hear our own minds and hearts, we have to get quiet with God.

Once you make that happen daily, you'll begin to be able to see that you can hear your own "self" better as well. Our bodies are constantly talking to us, be it through, "I'm hungry" or "That hurts" or the every wonderful, "I'm getting too old for this movement!" 

When tweaking your lifestyle, you have to be able to discern what your internal body is dealing with.  Is it agreeing with the new food choices you are feeding it? 

Is it rejecting the bad foods that you once were accustomed to now that you are eating more clean? 

During exercise, is your body telling you that a certain movement is uncomfortable and if so, is it a "hurt" or an, "I'm not used to this type of movement and I'd really rather not be doing it because I'm quite comfortable being sedentary?" 

A GOOD hurt or a BAD hurt? 

Good hurts will feel like a muscle burn, where your muscles say, "I am sort of enjoying this, but at some point I will have to stop!" 

A BAD hurt will involve muscles or joints saying, "OUCH! What the heck!? Stop that now!" 

If we indeed listen to that muscle talking, we can avoid injury! 

If we refuse to listen to it, (which so many do)  we can end up injured and out of commission because a muscle issue can lead to tendon and ligament issues, that can also lead to joint issues. 

I see it often in the gym, people pushing their bodies beyond what their body can do and yet their brain "in pride" says, "I've got this!"

Next thing you know, aches and pains begin and the person all too often keeps pushing through until there is an injury that puts them down for the count! 

Is it really worth it? 


I was in the US Navy when I was much younger, I've been through real boot camp and let me tell you, it's no joke! I could do 70 "male" or "full body" push ups by the time I was done! 

But what was the cost? I did leave with injuries and ended up with an ACL tear that ended my career. I'm not saying not to do Boot Camps or even Cross Fit, I am saying that those types of exercises must be done with caution and closely monitored. Group Fitness is amazing if you have an instructor that actually guides each participant!

All too often that is not the case, either the instructor just doesn't care or the class is far too big.  This is where you come in, whether you are in group fitness or one on one training, you have got to be cognizant of what your body is telling you. 

If you feel a twinge that tells you that your back could be a problem later, then stop the exercise, readjust and try again. 

If it still doesn't feel right, stop it all together!

You can also modify many exercises and regress them, this often helps with injury. 

Fitness is not about having the best body as much as it is about longevity of life. 

Most people are not working towards the goal of having a body builder physique, but rather want to lose weight and gain lean muscle mass. 

No matter your goals, you have got to go slow, get proper rest, get proper training and pay attention to what each muscle is saying. 

Listen to the hurts, both good and bad and I promise you, your work out experiences will be more fulfilling and more successful. 

You are a unique and complex individual whom should be treated with the utmost care. 

You are worth listening to and you are worth doing things the right way for! 

Enjoy getting to know you.~ 

~Personal Trainers, Improper Form and How to Know When It's Time To Fire Your Trainer.~

November 8, 2017

I've expanded my Personal Training from not only, "In Home" training but now am training at a gym as well. 

I have noticed that clients who've had prior training have often been trained improperly.

I am not saying that I am a perfect trainer by any means, but I am saying that I see this kind of thing all the time. 

 I adore what I do to the point to where when I leave the gym or a person's home I literally thank God and feel so blessed because I find joy in helping people to get stronger and better themselves and their lives. I know that God has blessed me to be able to do what I love! 

I can tell when a trainer either doesn't love what they do or they just haven't been trained properly themselves, because they don't teach their clients the proper technique or form. 

I have clients who've been training for months and have had results in weight loss or overall strength gain, but they've gained strength using the muscles improperly and it's just a matter of time before they get injured because the mechanics of the body aren't being utilized properly and the wear and tear of improper form will eventually take it's toll. 

They also gain overall strength but each individual muscle may not be strong on it's own. 

A client may look as though they are doing the movement, but as a trainer, you have to know what to look for and how the body mechanics should work. 

I love seeing the client's eye's light up when they realize that they've been doing it wrong all along and suddenly their brain and body come together in one harmonious movement that makes the perfect squat or bicep curl! 

A smile grows on their face and new hope is given to them because they can physically feel the muscle they were thinking they were working, actually engage! 

If you can't feel the muscle you're trying to work, you're probably not doing it correctly or that muscle is severely underdeveloped and what I like to call, "asleep."

When hiring a trainer, ask them their background. 

Ask them where they went to school. 

But know this,  just because a trainer is well educated, doesn't mean they are a great trainer. 

There are plenty of trainers with the best schooling behind them that simply just don't care or have the passion to keep their clients safe. 

Ask questions because you're worth it! 

Your body is the only one you have and you have to protect it! 

All the time I have clients who actually believe that working out should involve pain and I have to change that mindset in them. 

Working out should not be painful in the joints or muscles. 

There is good and bad pain as I have explained before. 

When the muscles are engaging correctly and your form is proper, you will feel a nice burn in the muscle and you won't feel pain in the joints. 

There are prime mover muscles and muscles that are agonists and  antagonists. 

The prime movers are what I like to call, the "Mommy" muscles. 

When the mommy muscle isn't engaging, the other muscles take over and that can be a recipe for disaster and just not truly getting fit. 

You can be overall strong, but not be really fit! 

If you're doing a squat correctly, the glutes and hamstrings will be firing, but I have had clients who's trainers in the past have taught them that they should be firing from the calves.

If the calves take over being the mommy, the glutes and hamstrings will not fire correctly. 

Once I correct the movement, they aren't able to do the squat with such ease because they are actually engaging and firing the correct muscles! 

The exercise becomes difficult and the client sees that they haven't really been getting the best training. 

The bad news is $ has been spent on not so great training, but the good news is that now the problem can be resolved and real results can begin to occur. 

When the muscles are firing properly, the whole body gets more fit because of it! 

The body is a glorious symphony of different parts working together to make one movement. Each part has it's own job to do and when one isn't doing it's job, something will almost always take over to do it for them, whether it's good or not. 

So the next time you're hiring a trainer or even doing your own work outs, be sure you've got the correct form. 

How can you know? 

Ask yourself these questions. 

Do your joints hurt? 

Is your training quite often more painful than just a nice muscle burn? 

Are you so sore that you can't move for more than two or three days? 

Soreness should not cause bruising or cause you to not move at all and it shouldn't last much past 3 days. 

These are tell tale signs that it may be time to find a different trainer. 

Listen to your body, it will always talk to you if you listen.~

~Human Movement~

October 9, 2018

It's ​been a while since I've blogged, for this I apologize! 

I've been experiencing a less than pleasant season in life and God has had to keep me all to Himself to work in and on me as I walk through it! 

Thank you for coming back and continuing to read my posts. 

I expect more and more of them. 

Today I want to briefly touch on the subject of, "Human Movement." 

Did you know that when you walk, your Glutes (tush) and Abs are truly the prime muscles to focus on? 

Your derriere is the most important muscle group that exists in your body, next to your heart, in my opinion. Without the tush, you are a sitting duck as far as proper body mechanics goes. 

Any time I begin with a new client, I ask them to walk for me so that I can see their body movements and look at their gate. 

This enables me to learn a lot about what their body is unknowingly doing to make them move from point A to point B. 

Our body will find a way to make a movement work nearly all the time. Rarely will you experience a time where your body won't move, unless you're injured. 

It's a fascinating miracle of God, yet at the same time can be negative because the body will move using inappropriate muscles to do the movement, to ensure we get that movement accomplished. If we aren't properly aligned or the correct muscles aren't firing as they should, we can risk injury. 

I have dealt and still deal with pain, having to work around old injuries. 

This is when it's most important to understand the correct muscles that need to be working for each movement and to understand the correct form to do the movement in. 

I am a firm believer in Chiropractic Care. That said, it's crucial that you have someone who will not further hurt or damage you. There are plenty that can, so be extremely careful and ask your friends for recommendations. 

Chiropractic aligns your spine and joints to the position they should be, allowing the nerves to be free from pinching and do their jobs for the organs. The correct alignment allows your muscles, joints and tendons to do their job correctly and when done in conjunction with exercise, it's a win win because the stronger muscles will help hold the alignment for longer periods of time. 

Proper body mechanics is so important, whether you're training just to get fit or training for competition purposes. 

Look at yourself in the mirror when exercising, it's not for vanity, it's to ensure proper alignment and form. Most people are not sure of proper form during exercise and this is why I have a job. I can help you as I become the eyes that make sure that your body is doing exactly what it should be during your training sessions. 

Is your body moving correctly? Pay attention to it, it will tell you. 

Blessings to you~ 

~A New Season~

August 17, 2019

Once again, it's been far too long since I last blogged, and for this I do apologize!

It's been a crazy year, full of wonderful blessings as well as difficult and sad times too.

This is what life is all about!

It's been a season of severe growth in my walk with God and for that I could not be more thankful!

I am so excited to announce that after 3 long years, I have finally launched my, "Online Personal Training!"

I have been so blessed to work with amazing clients doing In Home training and I will continue to do so!

Now I can reach clients all over the globe to help them reach their health and fitness goals!

This past year among many ups and downs, I also have experienced a lot of health issues.

In this, I have been deeply humbled, because we tend to think that eating healthily and exercising regularly will keep us fairly healthy, and while that is a general truth, it does not make us exempt from illness.

The illnesses I have gone through have helped me learn to rely on God more and to trust my gut rather than just listen to what any Dr. says.

I am not anti Dr. or medicine, there is a place for it indeed!

I am just saying that I had to learn to listen to The Holy Spirit inside of me, leading me to do what God wanted me to do, rather than just going with whatever the Dr's said.

In doing so, I have learned so much and been able to teach others about how to care for themselves more properly and I have found new health amidst it all!

I have a ways to go to fully recover, but I am well on my way to victory and healing!

Once again, it just reiterates how important it is to trust your gut/Holy Spirit and listen to what your body is telling you.

I look forward to this new season and being able to reach so many new people, bringing them to a new life of health!

Blessings to you.~ 

TIme Stealers

September 14, 2019

Do you ever struggle with things in your life stealing your precious time?

I'm not talking about your daily tasks or must do's, but unexpected things that pop up, unannounced and unexpectedly! 

I find myself making some serious changes to my life lately, because there are specific things in my life that are interrupting my success in managing my time appropriately. 

All it takes is one little thing to happen to undo an entire section of my day or even my entire day! 

I have come to really dislike it, so I've decided to do something about it.

I believe strongly that one of satan's best tactics is to distract us and steal our time through stealing our focus! 

If he can manage to bring something or someone in to disrupt your time, he has managed to steal from you and cause havoc in your life. 

We have to be diligent to respect our own time, our own process and God when it comes to time management. 

Time stealers are not uncommon in life, so we have to do everything possible to have a plan of attack when they come. 

The only way we can be successful with time is to keep track of it.

I keep a calendar and have gotten more anal about doing so as years go by, because having a business requires so much of me. 

Calendar apps are a great way to keep yourself accountable! 

If something disrupts your day, you can clearly see it and reevaluate what your next plan is. 

At one point, my time was being stolen so frequently because I was allowing it to be. Things were stressful and draining me of my peace! 

The only way I have managed to gain some control of that situation is by gaining control of me! 

I have taken the initiative to make my calendar very precise and clear and I have done some praying about how I can better obey God in order to not have things shake me, steal my joy and peace and then steal my time. 

It really all boils down to us, our mindsets and our decisions. 

Sometimes we can't change what circumstances come in to your lives, but we can change us with God's help and that is what I work on daily! 

Focus on God, make Him your first priority and your time will begin to fall in to place because He will show you how He wants you to prioritize things.

Make a calendar and make it clear! 

Then keep that calendar as best you can, knowing that hiccups happen! 

Go with the flow and rearrange, not just throwing in the towel and wasting the day due to one hiccup. 

You will find a very wonderful sense of accomplishment as you see all that you've done every day! 

Blessings to your time as I know it's precious.

Remember, YOU are worth it! 

Could My Gut Be The Reason I can't Lose Weight?

November 29, 2019

I have always had a sense in my intuition/spirit that the hype about, "Gut Health," was legitimate! 

I have come to realize more and more that indeed this is absolutely the case! 

Here are a few symptoms that you may have that can tell you if your gut is not ok and after I explain those, I will then explain how that is related to your inability to lose weight and or gain muscle mass.

   *Never feeling hydrated


   *Sinus Congestion all the time

   *Ringing in ears

   *Diarrhea and or constipation 

   *Acid Reflux or Gerd

   *Teeth Grinding

   *Inability to fall asleep or stay asleep 

   *Inability to gain muscle mass 

   *Unexplained weight loss or weight gain

   *Always feeling hungry 

   *Always feeling lethargic

   *Dizzy spells and Vertigo 

   *Psoriasis and Skin Issues 

   *Feeling sick and feverish, even without presence of a fever

   *Not absorbing nutrients that you consume

   *Depression & anxiety

These are literally just a few of the things I have experienced with my gut issues... 

These are real, they are not something you're making up and it's something that has taken me years of research and trial and error to figure out what was happening to me. 

I knew that I had an overall sense of never feeling well and I could not pin point why. 

I would go to the Dr. and they would chase the symptoms, but I would never feel better and often feel worse. 

I finally gave up on medicine years ago and only take it when necessary. 

I now start with natural homeopathic herbs and practices before I just run to a Dr. 

This journey for me is not yet over, but I have been able to get down to more of the root causes. 

So, what do you do if you have these symptoms?

First you can indeed go get a blood test done to see if you have parasites present or even the dreaded H-Pylori or both! 

Most people have some type of parasite living in them and it's said that 80% of the population carries H-Pylori in their gut.

For some people it manifests in to something down the road and worsens, but for some it never does. 

If it does, your life is sure to become very difficult. 

Both H-Pylori and Parasites take all of your nutrients that you eat and eat it before you can gain any nutrients in to your body. 

They dehydrate you as well! 

So your body is depleted, no matter what you do or ingest. 

I am one of the healthiest people I know and for years could not figure out why I wasn't getting my nutrients... 

Now I know! 

I was fighting bugs and they were winning! 

When these microbes and parasites are present, a conventional Dr. will often put you on an antibiotic and a proton inhibitor. 

Now please know that I am not a Dr. nor do I claim to be one. 

I am a Health Coach and Personal Trainer who knows some stuff! 

Proton Inhibitors are designed to lower your stomach acids. 

Ironically, H-Pylori's main job is to lower your stomach acids! 

So why would we purposely give them an environment to make themselves at home in our bodies??? 

If you follow the Dr's that believe in natural medicine as well as western, you will see that they are 100% against proton inhibitors! 

My 2 day bout with that drug was enough to make me know that I will NEVER take them again! 

They are counter productive... 

So how does all of this keep you fat?

I'm so glad you asked! 

By depleting your body of all of it's nutrients, it takes your immune system down and wreaks havoc in your body! 

The body then begins fighting itself and the bugs. 

The bugs eventually cause problems all throughout the body, even hormonal issues! 

So a woman may think she's hormonal when in fact, the bugs are just changing her hormones by doing their nasty work! 

You may experience sinus issues and think you need medication, when in fact it's the bugs creating a barrier so that they can live there... 

It's the same with fat cells. 

The body is under stress and it will hold on to that fat, whether it's real fat or just water weight and your muscles can not build mass because the bugs are taking all of your proteins and amino acids from you! 

Finally, you are not hydrated and your adrenals are overwhelmed which also causes weight gain or inability to lose weight! 

What In The World Can I do If I discover I have these?

At this point I feel I can write a book and if God leads me, I will! 

But for now I will just share with you that the first step is to stay calm, pray about what God wants you to do first. 

Everything in our body that is not according to God's word, (Sickness, disease and infirmity) are not of God. 

That said, at times He will allow it to humble us and I know that is why I have been down this road. 

Sometimes we harbor things in our body like bitterness or don't forgive and that opens a door to satan to attack.

Perhaps I have been here to help others know the truth and get to the bottom of why they feel like absolute crap! 

Either way, once you have prayed and have the ok to move on to a cleanse or seeking medical help, just know that God is the ultimate Dr! 

I fully believe part of my journey in not being fully healed has been my mindset being off.

We must first believe God can and is and has healed us! 

That is something I work on every day! 

With these things in mind, there are so many wonderful herbs and God made things from the earth that are medicinal. 

The things that have worked most for me are the following: 

Lot's and LOT's of prayer!!!

Black Seeds (black cumin)  

Mastic Gum in it's pure form


Betaine Hydrochloride (acid) 

GI Naturals (Total Digestive Wellness which includes enzymes) 

Chamomile tea for reflux relief 

Essential Amino Acids (Not BCAA's) (Helps to repair body) 

Just to name a few...

There are more that I will blog about another time because this blog has gotten super wordy! 

If you have found this article helpful, let me know! 

I would love to hear your thoughts and your own journey. 

My heart goes out to anyone who is experiencing either of these and just know that you are not abnormal! 

It is however crucial to get it dealt with! 

Blessings to you and I will blog again soon on this topic! 


February 14, 2020

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