Train With Zein Personal Training

Is Zein Qualified To Train Me?

Zein is a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM, "National Academy Of Sports Medicine." 

Zein is also Certified in Sports Nutrition through, "Ace." 

Zein is constantly learning a educating herself so that she can better serve her clientel. 

Zein also maintain's her CEU's (Continuing Education) every two years. 

Will Personal Training Hurt Me?

Zein is not a conventional personal trainer, in that she does not have the mindset that believes in the, "No Pain No Gain," theory. 

She believes in progressing moderately and safely. 

Zein explains that there is good and bad pain when it comes to exercise in that bad pain will cause the client to hurt, whereas good pain will cause the client to feel a good burn in the muscles, allowing the body to know it's working and that is what she provides for her clientel. 

Will Online Training Work Effectively For Me Since Zein Is Not With Me? 

Online training is an excellent way to hire your favorite trainer affordably and on your own time schedule. 

While not having Zein there with you can seem like a disadvantage,  Zein provides professional videos that explain technique and form clearly so that the client is sure to succeed. 

She also allows the client to send videos of themselves doing an exercise they may feel unsure of, so that she can check their form!

It is up to the client to take the initiative and utilize the training sessions Zein provides as well as change their eating habits. 

Total success can happen online! 

Does Zein Travel To My Home or Gym? 

Zein does travel to Spring, The Woodlands, Conroe, certain parts of Magnolia and Houston to do One on One personal training. 

She most often does training in client's home, but has gone to an office or park. 

Zein does not train clients in their own gym, unless the gym allows independent trainers to come in a train. 

Big Box gyms do not normally allow this. 

Any trainer that is training illegally in a gym can have their license revoked and Zein will not take that risk. 

Zein does have the capability to train clients in a gym setting for a $30 a month fee on top of her own personal training fees if the client would prefer a gym setting! 

Has Zein Ever Worked With Clients Who Have Injury or Major Illnesses?

Zein has worked with numerous clients whom have suffered through strokes, cancer, hormone issues and any different injuries, including: 

Muscle injury

Ligament Injuries

Tendon Injuries


Brain Injuries 

Wheel Chair Bound 

Sports Injuries 

And more... 

Zein's passion is Corrective Exercise and she herself has had to work through her own injuries in life, so she loves helping clients succeed. 

While Zein is not a Physical Therapist, she often uses a physical therapy training style to help certain clientel. 

Is Zein A Nutritionist?

No, Zein is not a Nutritionist or a Registered Dietician. 

Zein is however, Certified in Sports Nutrition. 

This allows Zein to offer up guidance, tips and information that can help her clients reach their health and fitness goals safely and more quickly. 

She offers services such as Grocery Shopping guidance to help client learn more about how to shop as well as Pantry Checks to help weed out any foods that sabotage success.

She offers clients tips on how to read labels so that client can make wise decisions while shopping. 

Zein does provide meal planning, because she partnered with a Registered Dietician, to create Meal Plans for her clientel. 

What Types Of Exercise Does Zein Provide? 

Zein likes to incorporate many different types of exercise for her clientel. 

This allows the client's body to grow more muscle with less risk of injury. 

She is known best for corrective exercise, strength training through resistance, body weight and weight training. 

She also incorporates HIIT, "Cardiovascular/Resisitance Training," to get the heart rate up and down through out a session so that the client will burn more calories for a longer period of time.

Zein also provides Pilates style exercises and stretches to ensure the body is properly worked and stretched. 

Zein does not provide Crossfit or Bootcamp's as she believes it is destructive to the body. 

She does incorporate certain exercises that she feels are safe that these two exercise types tend to use. 

She has taught Swimming and Water Aerobics as well. 


Many people do not like to exercise for many different reasons.

Perhaps they have never worked out or when they have, it hurt them or was exhausting.

There are also different muscle types so what works for one person may not work for another. 

Often times when people do not know how to perform an exercise properly or they just don't know where to start, they become discouraged and do not want to put forth the effort. 

This is all very normal.

Most often than not, when people who do not like to exercise hire Zein, they find themselves craving the workouts and needing them more and more every week.

This is because the body has a physical reaction and finds itself feeling so much better once it gets used to the idea that it is now a body that exercises! 

It just takes a bit of time, but once you spend a month or so exercising, you won't want to stop!