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Z's Chicken Ginger Soup 

1 Whole Organic Chicken

2-3 Large Ginger Roots

9-12 Bunches of Green Onion

2-4 Garlic Bunches

Coconut Amino Acids or Braggs Amino Acids

Small amount of salt, to taste

Medium amount of garlic powder, to taste

Fried Onions (gluten free if you can)

4-8 eggs 

Use a very large pan, restaurant size if possible, if you're wanting to cook for many people for 3-5 days worth. 

*Boil the chicken on med high setting for a while so it makes a nice broth. Remove the extra fat layers.

*Remove chicken and let cool

*Cut up all the green onions and place the white part of onions in the broth while keeping much of the green part aside in a container for later use.

*Smash garlic cloves in to the soup, I suggest a lot of garlic!

*Grate using a very small grater or thinly slice the ginger root in to the broth. You can do both if you like, that is what I do! If you slice it, remove the skin.

*Add coconut aminos or Braggs Aminos to the broth, I suggest at least a cup. You can always add more later once you can taste it.

*Let this all cook on a medium low setting for a couple of hours.

*I also add some nice sea salt if needed, but not much.

*I add garlic powder as well!

Let soup simmer for a couple of hours and then taste to see what else is needed. It should not taste watery, if it does, add garlic powder and more aminos.

When closer to eating time, add the eggs by cracking open and slowly dripping eggs with yolk in to the soup all around the pan.

Stir after eggs are in so that it folds in to the soup!

Let cook another 15-20 min

Once soup is in bowl to eat, add green onions and some french fried onions for garnish!

Voila! So good and healthy!