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Zein's Favorite Supplements & Training Accessories 

Welcome! This page is designed to make it easy to purchase all of Z's favorite products, right here from her website! Simply search below for the item you're looking for and click the link and then purchase the item! It's that easy! 

Z's Fave Stretching Band

This "OPTP Stretch band" is amazing for helping you stretch in ways that you would not normally be able to, safely and effectively! 

A must have when working out! 

Z's Fave Acid for Stomach 

This "Standard Process" Betaine Hydrochloride is an acid that is meant to help our stomach's have the proper amount of acid it needs to kill off microbes, yeast, parasites and more! If you have heart burn, acid reflux or any type of microbe, yeast or parasite, this is a must have! 

Z's Fave Digestive Enzyme 

This "Nature's Plus GI Natural" product is designed to help assist your digestive system in digesting foods that perhaps it would not normally be able to digest well. Perfect for people with microbes, yeast or parasites. If you have unexplained bloating, burping or gas, this product is also a must have! 

Z's Fave Resistance Bands 

These are Zein's top choice for her clientele to purchase for the training and exercise! 

There are 5 different resistance levels.

The bands are sturdy, strong and good  of quality. 

Z's Fave 10-35 lb Resistance Band


This "WODFitters Stretch Resistance Pull Up Band," (Red) is 10-35 pounds of resistance, depending on how you use it. Myself and my clients use this band nearly every workout! It's strong, sturdy and so helpful in building lean strong muscle mass! 

Z's Fave Rolling Ball 

This "Serious Steel Fitness 5 " Foam Massage Ball" is the best muscle adhesion releasing ball on the market. It is high quality, strong and really gets in to those troublesome spots that a long foam roller can not! 

Massage Gun

This Power Plate Pulse, Whisper Quiet Portable Hand Held Massager" is Zein's choice for her clientele to purchase for a massage gun. 

It's quiet, gets in to those  muscle adhesions (knots) and works them out! 

Electrolyte Powder


This is Zein's favorite Electrolyte powder that she uses daily in her water! Tastes great and is not full of sugar! 

Vitamin D & K2

This is Zein's favorite vitamin D&K2. She takes it daily and highly trusts the brand!